JDott Trife is an all around "Artist". Born and raised in Chicago by his mother Evelyn who was an Activist /Advocate and mentor for Women with disabilities , which was an organization she joined years after she became disabled due to being in a car crash when she was 23 years old. " As far back as I can remember she has always been in a wheel chair, I was only 3 so that's all I know." However, that didn't stop her from raising her only son and being a strict disciplinarian "My mom's was tough and she aint' take no shit (laugh's)" , "Everybody on the block knew her and respected her , Gang member's and all" . She made him write essay's and read book's on historical Leader's such as Malcolm X , Martin Luther King JR., Pedro Albizu Campos and Gandhi .He also was sorrounded around by music and grew an interest for it. He started writing music at the age of 12 and started getting serious with it at the age of 18 ,writing about his experiences living in "The Hood" and dealing with issues him and his peer's went through such as Police brutality (Which he was a victim of in 2005 and was hospitalized with a broken jaw, rib's and fractured skull),Gang's, Poverty, Hustling ,He also speaks on his personal life conflicts such as being set up and shot at by his own friend's in 2008. "I finally had a voice, it was my way of letting people know about what goes on in my city, my community from my perspective." He then took his new found love for Hip Hop a step further , now calling himself "JDott Trife" he started performing at local talent show's , block parties etc. Which led him to work with other DJ's such as DJ O-Zone, Boi Jeanius, DJ Non Stop , Dj Timbuck2 etc . JDott has been featured on numerous Mixtape's and Web Sites / Blogs (,,,, etc). He has put out a lengthy series of mixtapes and EP's to add to his resume' . He has been featured in several Hip Hop documentaries including "I am Hip Hop-The Chicago Hip Hop Documentary" which he is on the cover of. He has had song's regularly played on Radio stations such as WGCI (which he has been on and Interviewed by DJ Timbuck2) and Power92. JDott also worked with artist and producer's such as L.E.P Bogus Boys, The Kid Daytona , Nascent & QB, Panik ( Molemen), Wes P. and more. Need to say this young man has a hell of a future'..and he is currently working on his album wich will be coming very soon. "I'm not here to boast or brag, prove to you how street I am, Lie to you about being a "Baller" or try to convince you I'm the greatest Rapper. I don't make music to be famous and I don't give a fuck about being rich..My purpose is to spread a message and be a vocal advocate for my community and what i believe in.. its deeper then the pen and pad" - JDott Trife


 Mixtape :"I am Chicago - Vol 1" circa 2006

Mixtape :"I am Chicago - Vol 2" circa 2007

 Mixtape :" Follow the Leader" circa 2008

Mixtape :"Back on my bullshit " circa 2008

EP : "Fuck JDott Trife!!"  circa 2009

DVD  : "I am Hip Hop - The Chicago Hip Hop Documentary" circa 2008

EP: "FuckYaFeelingz" (Prod. Entirely by Noiz of 108) Circa 2011